Karate News 2014

IFKKA Australia Seminar Shihan David Pickthall

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Shihan David Pickthall from the UK recently held a series of karate seminars in Sydney for the IFKKA. The first seminar was held on Thursday 10th April and was only open to the junior students of the IFKKA. We had 32 students from across the Sydney dojos that were treated to a great training session. Shihan David is truly one of Kyokushin Karate formidable karate practitioners, it was a great session. Shihan David is pictured centre front row; more photos of the session are posted in the photo gallery click here.

The second session of the night was for teenagers and adults with 36 attendees pictured below who were treated to a fabulous training session based on knockdown techniques and pad work. We also had some visitors from other Kyokushin groups join us for the evening which was great and most welcome; click here to view photos from the session. This was a great session that set the tone for the next 5 days of karate training with Shihan David, Osu!

KKC Karate students at the adults Seminar