Karate News 2011

Tournament Training

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

KKC is introducing a special class specifically for Tournament training. This class would be held fortnightly on a Sunday morning. The class would be open to all current IFKKA students (excluding Kinder Karate Club), regardless of grade, age, ability or whether they attend tournaments or not. This is not an elitist class and is designed as an opportunity to prepare students for tournaments. A student would not be precluded from entering tournaments if they do not attend these tournament training classes.

In these classes we would over time cover the following disciplines plus any others that may be necessary:

  • Kata (Forms) for competition AMAC & IFKKA Rules
  • Point Sparring under- AMAC & IFKKA Rules
  • Freestyle Sparring -AMAC Rules
  • Clicker Sparring – IFKKA Rules
  • Sumo – AMAC Rules – from Pee Wees (under 7yrs) up to 16 yrs of age
  • Sword Combat – AMAC Rules – from Pee Wees (under 7yrs) up to 16 yrs

For more information regarding times and cost contact Senpai Jenny on 0410 339 842 or email enquiry@kkckarate.com.au