Karate News 2011

AMAC Tournament – Round 3

Sunday, July 24, 2011

KKC Karate had 3 students represent us at this event and they all did well.

Noah Mardoquio (pictured far left): Pee wees 7 yrs & under; Kata 4th, Point Sparring – 1st, Sumo 2nd & Sword Combat 3rd.

Bianca Basile: 8-10 yrs Beginner/Intermediate Point Sparring 1st, Freestyle Sparring 3rd, 10-12yrs Female Sumo 3rd. Matthew Basile: 10-12 yrs Male, Sumo 2nd, Sword Combat 3rd.

Also Bianca & Matthew Basile (pictured left): have been travelling to other regional AMAC events. On Sunday 29th May they were competing in the ACT. By all reports it was very cold that day, so they must be keen.

Results – Matthew; Kata 4th, Point sparring 2nd,Freestyle sparring 3rd, Point sparring Advanced black belt 12-14 years 2nd, Sword combat 2nd & Sumo 2nd. Bianca; Point Sparring 3rd, Freestyle Sparring 4th. We have heard of the travelling Wilberries these are our travelling Basile’s, I hear they will be off to Newcastle this Sunday 14th August to compete in the AMAC regional tournament. Good luck !!