Karate News 2011

AMAC Tournament – Round 1

Sunday, March 6, 2011

AMAC round 1 was held on Sunday 6th March 2011, it was a big day with 150 competitors entered in the event. With 9 students representing KKC Karate Robbie Simmons, Ryan Tang, Joel Fitzgibbons, Jordan Wilson, Lauren Moniaci, James Nyugen, Noah Mardoquio, Liam Rice, Sam Kunaleca-Carrington and Senpai Jenny Fuller.

All students performed well in the event, even though for some it was their first ever tournament, It was a long day with most students participating in at least 5 events and all performed really well. But all reports are that everyone had a great time. We look forward to seeing more of our students participate and qualifying for the Sate and even National Titles later this year.

Tournament participation is a great way for students to put into practise what they learn in the dojo, and helps to develop confidence.

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