Karate News 2017

IFKKA Clicker Kumite Tournament Sunday 26th February 2017

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

We had a great day at the IFKKA Clicker Tournament held last Sunday 26th February, we had over 70 entries from across the IFKKA Sydney Dojo and KKC accounted for 29 of these (some are pictured below). It was a great event and we were treated to some excellent displays of Clicker sparring.

I am always so proud of how KKC Students perform and behave at these events, it is so much fun to watch how you have all grown and developed in your karate. Well done to all who entered and congratulations to those who placed or won, KKC did really well in the results which are listed below.

Remember entering tournaments is not always about winning the medal, it is about how you perform and develop in your karate, just by entering you are a winner. Always do your best and don’t be disappointed if you don’t get the result you desire this time, work harder to achieve it next time!

Well done and I can’t wait for the next event which will be Full Contact on Sunday 21st May. Don’t forget the kata event will be on the 27th August, whilst it may seem to be a long way off, but for kata teams it will be worth organising your teams now.

Be sure to check out the photos in the gallery click here.

Thank you to all of the KKC people who attended this event and thank you to all of the students and parents who assisted in the running of the day, without you we cannot put on events such as this. OSU!