Karate News 2016

IFKKA Presents Sensei Mark Mitchell Contact Training Seminars 9th June & 24th July

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

For those of you with a hankering for full contact training, Sensei Mark Mitchell is coming to town. Some of you may have met him at our Summer Camp earlier this year, and the IFKKA is bringing him down from Brisbane to help us out with our training.

He started training in 1976, aged 7, at Wimbledon dojo with Hanshi Steve Arniel, 1983 graded Shodan, 1986 graded Nidan and 1992 graded Sandan.

Mark has an impressive tournament record:

1988 British Novice 1st place – LW, 1991 British Open 3rd place – LW, 1992 Welsh Open 2nd place – LW, 1992 British Open 3rd place – LW, 1993 Welsh Open 1st place – LW, 1994 British Open 3rd place – LW, 1995 British Open 1st place – LW, 1996 Canadian Open 1st place – LW, 1997 IFK 1st World tournament 6th place – LW, 1998 African Open 2nd place – MW, 2000 PNG Open IKO1 3rd place – Open Weight, 2000 IKO1 All Japan – Open Weight, 2002 British Regional 3rd place – HW, 2002 British Open 2nd place – HW, 2004 IKO1 Australian Open 2nd place – HW, 2006 IKO1 Australian Open 1st place – MW,

  • 2 training sessions will be held in the run-up to the IFKKA Interclub Contact Tournament on the 7th of August. On Sunday 19th June and Sunday 24th July, 10am to 2.30pm,
  • Cost is $20 per session ($30 for non-IFKKA members), pay at the door or with your instructor. Bring your protective gear, enthusiasm and your own lunch
  • Venue will be at Kuro Obi Dojo 96 Crystal St Petersham (enter from Brighton Ave).
  • Eligibility: 11 yrs and up, all grades. If you are under 11 years and 8th kyu very interested, then speak to your instructor about attending. Click here to download flyer