Karate News 2015

12th IFKKA Championships Sunday 25th October 2015

Friday, November 6, 2015

This was a massive undertaking by the IFKKA to hold an event with 5 disciplines – Kata Teams & Individual, Clicker Kumite Teams & Individual and of course Kyokushin Full Contact Kumite.

We had 130 entries for the day, four rings of competition that ran well with the support of all the IFKKA Volunteers and a special thanks to all form KKC Karate who helped make this day a success. A big thank you, as without your support we could not have had such a successful day.

A special thank you to the other organisations that supported our event; Sensei Alicia Smith & Senpai Rob Smith (Australian Kyokushin Federation – AKF) , Sensei Daniel Trifu (AKF), Sensei Graeme Rose (Kyokushin Union), Shihan Glen Gibbons (Kyokushin Alliance), Sensei Daniel Langworthy (Hunter Valley Kyokushin), Sensei Sonny Hoang (Shinkyokushin), Sensei Yasu Yahiro (Shinkyokushin), Senpai Takumi Sato (Shidokan), Senpai Ben Vale (Arjuken) and Shihan Mick Fardell (Mid Coast Martial Arts), with your support attending this event we had 9 organisations (Including IFK-Australia) in martial arts competing, Thank you.

For us (IFKKA) it was humbling to be able to bring 6 Kyokushin organisations in competition together and I hope we can keep working together towards a united Kyokushin, Osu!

Once again thank you all for your support in running this event, check out the photos in the gallery click here and we will have video available soon.

Full results click here.