Karate News 2014

Young Tigers Kyokushin Club Championships 16th November 2014

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

We had a great day at Young Tigers Kyokushin Karate Club Championships with 13 students entered (12 from KKC) pictured. I am always so proud when I watch students compete and put into practice what they have learnt in the dojo. There were some great bouts on the day, that are not always reflected in the results. One in particular was Gabriel Fabi in the non contact, this was an epic fight well done. Osu! Click here to view photo from the day.

Results: 3rd Kyle Tran 8-9 years male non-contact sparring, 3rd Keagan Tran 8-9 middle weight semi contact sparring, 2nd Robbie Simmons 15 to 16 Years Non Contact Sparring and 1st Semi-Contact Sparring, 3rd David Svec Non Contact 15 to 16 Years and 3rd Semi-Contact Sparring, 3rd Nicholas Debelja Semi Contact Sparring, 3rd Kris Parekh Full contact sparring, 2nd Danny Lai Non Contact Sparring, 3rd Nisha Hewitt Full Contact Sparring and 2ndJonathan Fabi Non Contact Sparring