Karate News 2014

Shihan David Pickthall Seminar

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

You are all invited to attend a seminar with Shihan David Pickthall from the UK. Shihan David will be running 2 sessions to be held at Tempe Dojo on Thursday 10th April:

  • 5.45 to 6.45pm Kids 12yrs & under – Kids NO Charge
  • 7 to 9pm – Teenagers & Adults – IFKKA students $10 – Non IFKKA Students $30 

This is a fabulous opportunity to train with a truly inspiration Karateka. For KKC juniors whether this is your scheduled training class or not you are encouraged to attend as you will not get this opportunity again soon. If you have any questions please talk to me at the dojo. PS there will be NO Classes at KKC Karate on this night Thursday 10th April see you at Tempe Dojo