Karate News 2014

IFKKA Junior & Cadet Training

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sunday 2nd February saw the IFKKA hold their first Junior and Cadet training session at Tempe Dojo in preparation for the 4th IFK Junior & Cadet World Championships to be held in Israel Saturday 28th March 2015. It was a good turnout pictured below.

Next session we would like to see more, as this is a fabulous opportunity to further develop your karate skills and even possibly be selected to represent Australia at the Championships. Or be part of the squad to help prepare the team. Attendance at the training is open to students who will be aged 10 to 17years and 8th kyu or higher on the day of the tournament 2015, or by special invitation.

Apart from time being devoted to this training at the IFKKA Camp on Friday 11th To Sunday 13th April more training sessions are scheduled for:

  • Monday 14th April – IFKKA Junior Clicker Squad Training
  • Tuesday 15th April – IFKKA Cadet Knockdown Squad Training
  • Sunday 25th May – IFKKA Junior Clicker & Cadet Knockdown Squad Training
  • Sunday 20th July – IFKKA Junior Clicker & Cadet Knockdown Squad Training