Karate News 2012

Ultra Marathon Man Or is it Max!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mild mannered Max Walker is the Ultra Marathon Man, Max recently competed in a Ultra Marathon Unfortunately for Max this was just before the June grading, Shihan commented at the grading gee Max looks a bit stiff with some of his techniques, wonder why!

The Ultra Marathon is The North Face 100 (19-20th May) – apparently Australia’s premier Ultra Marathon. It’s 100 km through the Blue Mountains Area of NSW, beautiful countryside. Max finished in 17 and a half hours – was happy with that considering at the 30km mark he had a lot of cramping in the quads and could not walk properly. But with some fluids, pain relief and persistence was able to work through it over the next 20 Kms. Started at 0700 and finished just after midnight. Very challenging, but also very satisfying to finish the race. Under 14 hours is a Silver Belt Buckle and under 20 hours is a Bronze Belt Buckle – so he is happy to get to get the bronze one.

This was Max’s first run over 50kms, have done the Mansfield to Mt Buller 50 km twice before and couple of other marathons over the years. The winner finished NF 100 in 9 and a half hours. Just over 1000 entered, 350 pulled out and Max finished mid-field in the 600 odd who were left, which pleasantly surprised him. Well done Max great effort.