Karate News 2012

The Travelling Basile’s

Friday, June 15, 2012

Matthew & Bianca Basile have been at it again as they travelled north again to take on Queensland at their round 2 held on 27th May of the Australian Martial Arts Championships (AMAC). This is their second trip north this year and they had some great results that are listed. It looks like they are going to be a force to be reckoned with at the AMAC National’s to be held in Sydney in November.

Matthew 2nd Forms 11-13 beginner to Intermediate and 4th Showmanship 13 & under all grades. Bianca 2nd sumo 10-12 years Female, 3rd Sword Combat 10-12 years female, 3rd Forms 8-10 beginner to intermediate, 3rd Point Sparring 8-10 years intermediate and 3rd Showmanship 13 yrs 7 under all grades.

In April they ventured to ACT to compete in AMAC ACT Round 1 that was held on Sunday 15th April, Matthew 2nd Forms 11-13 Beginner to intermediate, 1st Point Sparring 11-12 yrs all grades and 1st Sparring Freestyle 11-12 yrs all grades, 3rd Sumo 8-12 yrs male & female and 1st Sword combat 10-12yrs male & female. Bianca 4th Forms 8-10 yrs beginner to intermediate,1st Point sparring 10 yrs & under all grades, 2nd sumo 8-12 yrs male & female and 2nd Sword combat 10-12yrs male & female.

Well done to both of you.