Karate News 2012

AMAC Sydney Round 2, May 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We had a great day at Round 2 of the Australian Martial Arts Championships recently held on Sunday 20th May with 7 students (pictured) entered for the day. The competition was very exciting and I was very pleased with how all of the KKC Karate students performed on the day, results check out more photos in the web gallery under AMAC Sydney Round 2, May 2012. Result for the day were;


Peewees 7 yrs and under

3rd Keagan Tran

 8-10 yrs Beg/Intermediate

3rd Bianca Basile

11-13 yrs Beg/Intermediate

4th Robbie Simmons

Adult Beginner

3rd Colleen Estigoy & 4th Chi-Jui Gary Huang

Showmanship  3 yrs & under All grades

3rd Bianca Basile & 4th Matthew Basile

14 yrs & above All grades

1st Robbie Simmons

Point Sparring

Pee Wees 7 yrs and under

2nd Keagan Tran

11-12 yrs Beg/Intermediate

1st Matthew Basile

13-15yrs  Beg/Inter Male

2nd Robbie Simmons

Adult  Beg/Inter Male

1st Chi-Jui Gary Huang

Adult  Beg/Inter Female

2nd Colleen Estigoy

Freestyle Sparring

13-15 yrs  Beg/Inter Male

3rd Robbie Simmons

Adult Beg/Inter Male

4th Chi-Jui Gary Huang

Adult Beg/Inter Female

1st Colleen Estigoy


Pee Wees 7 yrs & under

1st Keagan Tran

10-12 yrs Male/Female

3rd Matthew Basile

13-17 male/female yrs Male

2nd Robbie Simmons

Sword Combat Peewees 7 Yrs & under

2nd Keagan Tran

13-17yrs  Male/Female

4th Robbie Simmons

Full Contact

Adult Male Open

3rd Chi-Jui Gary Huang

Weapons Traditional 13 yrs & under All grades 2nd Robbie Simmons