Karate News 2012

AMAC Sydney Round 1, April 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Round 1 of AMAC Sydney kicked off on Sunday 1st April and KKC Karate was represented by Colleen Estigoy, Robbie Simmons, Matthew Basile, Bianca Basile, Liam Rice, James Nguyen, Noah Mardoquio. A great day with fabulous performances by all with the results listed below, Well done everyone. Also Check out the photos in the Photo Gallery.

Point Sparring:

1st11-12yrs Beg-Int-Matthew Basile

3rd 11-12yrs Beg-Int-Liam Rice

1st – Adult Beg – Colleen Estigoy

4th – 8-10 Beg Noah Mardoquio

Freestyle Sparring:

3rd – 8-10yrs Int – Bianca Basile

2nd – 13-15 Beg to Int Robbie Simmons

2nd 11-12yrs Beg-Int-Matthew Basile

1st – Adult Beg – Colleen Estigoy

Forms Traditional – Hard

3rd – 11-13yrs Beg-Int-Matthew Basile

4th 11-13yrs Beg-Int-Robbie Simmons

3rd – Adult Beg – Colleen Estigoy

Sword Combat:

2nd – 13-17yrs Male Robbie Simmons

1st – 10-12 yrs Male Matthew Basile

3rd – 8-9 yrs mixed Bianca Basile

1st – 13-17 yrs Female Bianca Basile


4th – 8-9yrs Noah Mardoquio

3rd – 10-12yrs Male Matthew Basile

4th – 10-12yrs Male Liam Rice

1st – 13-15yrs Male Robbie Simmons

Weapons – Traditional

1st – 13yrs & under Robbie Simmons