Karate News 2010

IFKKA Interclub Tournament – Round 1

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Round 1 IFKKA Interclub Tournament was held at the camp, this has become an annual event to kick off the IFKKA Interclub series with the Interclub champion awards presented at the End of Year Christmas Karate Party. All participants receive points for participating at the tournament and bonus points for placing. The tournament officials on the day award 1 vote each for the junior and senior student who best exemplifies the Spirit of Osu.

The Spirit of Osu award is awarded at the end of year to the student who through the Interclub tournament series consistently displays the essence and spirit of karate. This is not necessarily the person who wins every event, but the person who displays good sportsmanship, fighting spirit, and respect for themselves, the officials, and their opponents.

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